Paid Media Management

Helping drive business and increase their return on ad spend through expert pay-per-click advertising management.


We utilise search engines and paid social platforms to drive revenue, increase profitability and acquire existing and new customers.

What is paid social or pay-per-click (PPC)?

Pay-per-click is a digital marketing tool reaching and engaging potential customers through search engine ads, whilst paid social is advertising on social media.

PPC can help you achieve the goal of appearing on the first page of Google searches. The ads appear alongside search results instantly, perfect for websites with online sales funnels or where keyword competition is high.

Paid social is advertising across social platforms and involves creating a paid social strategy to achieve your marketing goals. Paid ads can fulfil many objectives, such as awareness, consideration and conversions, implementing your paid strategy and working alongside your organic strategy.

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Facebook Ads Management

Facebook is one of the most effective paid advertising channels to reach your relevant audiences. The platform features various tools to help target customers based on their demographics and interests, as well as if they are past or new customers. We will combine genius targeting with quality creatives and ad copy to create ads.

We will build successful campaigns with remarketing and retargeting campaigns on Facebook, testing the combination of targeting, creatives and ad copy which works the best for top results.

Instagram Ads

Instagram has evolved from an app of beautiful pictures to a shopping platform and an effective channel for paid advertising. The platform is connected through Facebook and benefits from the same tools and targeting options. We can tailor the ads to your specific audience based on demographics and interests. The optimisation procedures on both Facebook and Instagram can also aid in how frequently they pop up on feeds to achieve more successful results.

Advertising on Instagram can aid brand awareness, growing your follower count and engagement, perfect running alongside an established organic strategy.

Google Ads

Google is one of the most popular search engines, providing endless options to reach your target audience. With Google ads, our expertise benefits in-depth keyword analysis to use suitable keywords and ad copy to achieve the best results. We believe in making the most out of your money with minimum spending and maximum performance of clicks or conversions.

Using our analysis tools and expertise, we analyse your data to continue the testing process and understand what keywords, target audience and copy are the most successful as part of a long-term PPC strategy.

Tiktok Ads

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms for people of all ages and many businesses to attract existing and new customers. The platform’s fast growth shows how advertisement popularity has the potential to grow at the same rate. TikTok advertising focuses on video content, whether short or long-term, featuring your product or service.

Targeting through Tik Tok ads can be using demographic or device options such as interests or location, with similar audience targeting to Facebook. It’s an established source to connect with people who have already engaged with your business or research new customers.

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How we can help you achieve your desired result

Diversification strategies

We use a multi-channel approach to diversify your customer acquisition and scale budgets effectively, ensuring you make the most of your investment. Your budget is spent on the most suitable platform and optimised for your objectives, helping deliver the best results and driving consistent growth.

Our diversification strategies increase your ability to scale, reach new and potential customers and reduce performance volatility.

Strategic creative assets and copy

The creatives and copy in an advertisement are crucial for successful results and require as much planning as the targeting. The creative asset is seen first by potential customers and you want to make it count.

Our team of creatives, feature videographers, graphic designers and animators to help create the most-effective assets for your ads. Producing high-performing ads will achieve more conversions at lower costs.