Social Media Management

Utilise our social media expertise to establish an online community, engage with existing and potential customers, expanding your reach.


We help brands create an online community reaching your target audience through social media and community management.

What is social media marketing?

Social media is one of the most effective types of digital marketing and the use of various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, to connect with your target audience. Social media management helps achieve your objectives, whether it’s generating customers, brand awareness or driving website traffic.

Social media allows you to connect with potential and existing customers through strategies and content types. We use our expertise to turn your business vision into a social media persona for your brand.

Why do I need to have a social media presence?

Social media is the heart of digital marketing; it’s at the touch of a button and the equivalent of reading the morning newspaper in our digital world. Social media channels work together with other digital marketing tools such as your website, SEO and branding, to produce the best results for your business.

Whether you are managing your social media in-house or starting fresh and are unsure where to begin, we have got the expertise to build and improve your overall results.

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Services that we provide

Social media is a significant asset to any business’s marketing strategy. The tool allows you to reach, inspire, engage and understand existing and potential customers. It’s an opportunity to be creative with your brand and share the content your audience will enjoy, communicating who you are and your values as a business.

We tailor social media services to suit your business needs, whether you are looking to perfect one channel or create a multi-channel presence. Our social media services include channel-specific social media management, social media strategy, social media auditing and content creation, and implementation.

Facebook Management

Develop your Facebook strategy, creating content optimised for the platform and your audience to engage existing and potential customers.

LinkedIn Management

Suited for B2B marketing purposes, we will create a LinkedIn strategy optimised for the platform to attract appropriate audiences.

Instagram Management

Create an engaging and entertaining Instagram strategy to attract potential and existing customers to your content.

Google My Business

Make your business stand out on Google with a strategy designed to optimise your overall performance and highlight who you are.

Why work with us?

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How to maximise your social media presence

We understand the best social media strategies include a combination of organic social, paid social, creative assets, targeting and brand positioning to drive real business growth for your brand. We do that by utilising our expertise and building a strategy to maximise your social media presence and performance.

Performance and return on investment are at the heart of what we do, focusing on fulfilling your business objectives and goals. We are honest, transparent and proactive at Foxstern Digital Marketing Agency, driving results for your business.

Specific Targeting

We use a four-pillar content strategy that focuses on content to inspire, educate, entertain and promote who your business is and what you offer. Whether it’s producing engaging videos, collaborating with content creators, or designing relevant posts.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all for social media content creation and strategy and offer tailor-made solutions for organic social. We care about how content looks and is conveyed, ensuring we take action to implement long-term sustainable growth for your brand’s channels.